Tax Planning & Preparation

Individual Tax Planning

Most individuals don’t give tax planning a thought. If you are such a person, consider this: you are missing a great opportunity to keep money in your pocket.

By utilizing tax planning tools and strategies, we can provide you with year-round guidance on how to minimize your tax obligations and maximize your chance to save money. Dollars you spend on tax planning can often return to you many times over in the form of tax savings.

For all tax planning engagements, we will offer you an initial question-and-consultation session. Afterwards, we will summarize the potential tax savings for you. If the potential appeals to you, then we can move forward with a planning engagement and discuss the details of turning potential savings into actual savings.

Individual Tax Preparation

Some people attempt to prepare their individual income tax returns by themselves. For the simplest of situations, that makes sense.

However, a good number of self-prepared returns contain mistakes or fail to take legitimate deductions. It takes experience, skill, and continuing education to know the best ways to minimize your taxes on these forms.

I take my car to a qualified mechanic because I don’t want to compromise on safety for my family or myself. For your financial safety and peace of mind, have a professional tax preparer complete your tax returns. You’ll sleep more soundly for having done so. At Adam Shay CPA, PLLC, we stand behind all our work. With years of experience, we can handle all individual tax returns, from the simplest to the most complex.

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