The American Mustache Institute is planning the “Million Mustache March” on April Fool’s Day in hopes of getting the “STACHE Act” pass. On President’s Day, the group rallied outside the U.S capitol calling Congress to pass the act that will provide a tax deduction to Americans with mustaches.

AMI chairman Aaron Perlut argues that the group has increased mustache growth in the country, subsequently increasing “good looks” by 38 percent. He also suggests that maintaining these “good looks” can get costly from purchasing facial grooming products like beard and mustache trimmers and facial hair dyes.  Perlut uses this claim to justify the passing of the”STACHE Act”, which will give mustached Americans a $250 annual tax credit.

The “Million Mustache March”, which will start at the White House and end at Capitol Hill, will be an event for mustaches, fun and charity. The organization has won the support of tax giant H&R Block, who has agreed to make a donation to Millions From One, a charity that provides clean drinking water to people in need by purchasing equipment and developing infrastructure.


The organization has also held similar events in the past, while raising money for charity groups supporting cancer research, children and adults with disabilities.  So, whether or not AMI will succeed in its mission to get a tax deduction for mustached American is left up to Congress, but at least the group is doing good and giving back to the community along the way.