Accounting and Football

Accounting related products and services is not something I typically associate with the National Football League. However, during Monday Night Football there was quite a few commercials that related to the accounting field. It may be indicative of advertisers believing in a growing population of self-employed individuals and the desire to “be your own boss”. Monday night there were several commercials for new products that could benefit our business owners worth sharing.


A common struggle for business owners is capturing all the travel on either their personal or business vehicles. MileIQ is striving to ease that burden by providing “complete, accurate, and IRS-compliant documentation to back up the mileage deduction”. The application is available via the Apple App Store and has been live since late 2013. With the application, business owners can classify travel as personal or business with a single swipe when they get in the car. The data is secure with syncing to the cloud and can also integrate with accounting software. If you are or know a business owner that struggles with accounting for your mileage at tax time, go to MileIQ’s website and check out this practical solution that can mean significant tax savings.


As a technology forward firm we focus on keeping up-to-date on the latest companies in accounting markets that drive efficiency. Namely seeks to merge human resources (HR), payroll, benefits, and talent management into one system. Outsourcing HR and talent management can be attractive to a lot of our small business owners who want those services, but are not large enough to require a separate employee or department. Namely was founding in 2012 and the commercial caught my attention by highlighting one of their goals “client centric”. They advertise to respond quickly to “client needs and challenges” which is extremely important for our entrepreneurs and their busy schedules. Their blog also contains some informative articles that business owners could benefit from.

Keeping new and useful services in front of our clients is important to us. If there are products services that have contributed to your business’ success, please let us know!