Accounting Apps and Workflows

Accounting Apps and Workflows Wilmington

If you’re running a small business of any kind and using software like Quickbooks Online to run your basic bookkeeping, you may not realize how much more power potential is at your disposal.

When you use small business accounting software, it comes with the ability to connect with other apps and automatically share data about things like new customer interactions, vendor orders and payment processing transactions, plus much more.  This saves hours of repetitive posting and data entry, not to mention eliminating the risk of human accounting errors along the way.

Setting it all up on the front end does take some care and a little expertise. That’s why we offer our Accounting Apps and Workflows Wilmington Package. We’ll take your multi-step processes in multiple systems and make them work with one click in one system, with fully automated triggers and information sharing from there. (There go all those tedious tasks you hate.)

It’s the present, and the future.

Automatically transfers transaction data across apps
New customer and vendor data populated everywhere you use them
Workflows become smooth and automated
Stop wasting money and resources on recurring activities that people mess up
Automating your workflows can lead to a much more scalable, profitable business

Your system will also connect seamlessly with all tax accounting data as your business year progresses, ensuring that nothing gets missed and simplifying the annual information roundup for your accountant. You’ll spend a lot less time on financial tracking, and more time focused on growing your business.


To find out more about how Adam Shay, CPA PLLC can save you time with automated, error-free accounting apps and workflows, contact us today.