Need A Break From Bookkeeping?

The key to business growth is knowing when to delegate. When you wear too many hats, it steals time from family and friends because you can’t get away from your work responsibilities.

Depending on your budget, it may not be practical to hire a full-time bookkeeper, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing it yourself. A good middle-ground is to hire the Adam Shap CPA, PLLC team that can handle your bookkeeping services in Wilmington NC. You’ll gain a clear perspective on your monthly cash flow and immediately feel the confidence that come from knowing your business finances are being professionally maintained.

Transform your business with Bookkeeping Services in Wilmington NC:

* Make better business decisions based on clear financial reports.

* Never scramble to find receipts or documents for your tax filings.

* Know when you have the resources to hire more staff.

* Realize more time to focus on business opportunities.

* Save money by not hiring a full-time bookkeeper.

* Be ready for talks with lenders and/or investors.

Available Services

Bank Reconciliation

This allows you to identify every expense that runs through your organization so you have a clear picture of what is being spent each month.


Have you ever had a month where your business spent more than it should have? Have you had other months where you needed to make purchases but weren’t sure if you had the cash to do it? If so, then you’ll appreciate our monthly budgeting advice.


We can cleanup and get your current books correct.

Financial Statements

This includes profit and loss, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow reports. The best way to quickly know if your business is profitable is to review its income statement. It’s an itemized list of all your revenues and expenses that shows your overall profit or loss.

Record and Maintain Accounting Records

We can review and reconcile all of your accounts and make a record of every deposit and payment.


Initial setup using programs such as QuickBooks Online.