Building customer loyalty is one of the keys to business success. It is much harder in this day and age where it so easy to price compare. For that reason, businesses need to distinguish themselves in some way. It is particularly difficult for those businesses that are in a commodity industry. It is really difficult to differentiate yourself. One perfect example would be the waste management industry. I have mentioned my current provider, East Coast Sanitation, in one of my previous newsletters. Their garbage men are great and roll our car back to side the side of the garage after they empty it. It is a real little thing but is above what is expected and builds customer loyalty.

Yesterday I received a marketing piece from one of their competitors. It appears that their price is 15% less than what I am paying to East Coast Sanitation. It would seem like a no brainer to switch wouldn't it? It is, after all, just a commodity. However, I keep thinking of what a betrayal it would be to those great guys that bust their behinds in the blazing heat. It makes the decision that much more difficult, which in the end means East Coast Sanitation has already succeeded in shifting their service in the spectrum of their competitors. It will be a tough decision even though if it were truly a financial decision it would be easy. As a CPA I'd like to say I would go with the financial factor, but I don't know that I will. It is a while before my year is up so I certainly have time to ponder it.