When people hear this term they often ask what is a business coach?  Most people know what a coach is- someone that helps athletes work together as team, practice, get better, and hold players accountable.  Other than the practice portion a business coach is not much different.  A good business coach will not necessarily tell a business owner needs what he or she needs to do but will ask questions to help them get to where they need to be.  In addition, a business coach will hold a business owner accountable for items that they commit to.

Two of the biggest challenges of being a business owner are that it is lonely at the top (no one to bounce ideas off of) and a lack of time.  Business coaches help solve both these problems by serving as a sounding board as well as helping the business owner stay focused and accountable.  Not everyone will see the value in a business coach, but those that do often get great benefit out of working with one.