2020 Nourish NC Tax Season Food Drive

Did you know that 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger in New Hanover County? And, did you know that over 16,000 people in New Hanover County live in food deserts? Nourish NC’s research has found that food insecure children are more likely to:

  • Experience chronic illness & weakened immune systems. They are sick more often, are slower to recover from illness, and are hospitalized more often.
  • Have impaired concentration, poor academic performance and increased grade repetition.
  • Have higher school absences and late arrivals.
  • Have lower math and reading scores.
  • Have higher levels of behavioral & emotional issues.

Adam Shay CPA, PLLC wants to help combat hunger by teaming up with Nourish NC to feed hungry children in our area. We will host a food drive during our 2018 tax season, which runs from January 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020.

In the busy world we live in, it is so easy to forget how lucky we truly are to be able to run out for lunch or grab dinner with a loved one. We also take for granted the social aspect that comes with sitting down to eat with someone. We don’t even think twice about doing this, while others right here in our community may not know when or where their next meal will come from.

There are specific items that Nourish NC needs any given week. Please do not donate expired or junk food—Nourish NC will not provide expired or junk food to their kids. The most wanted list for Nourish NC can be found here: Most Wanted List.

If you are interested in donating, please bring your food items to our office! You can also learn more about Nourish NC by visiting their website, Nourish NC , or by contacting Caroline Montgomery, [email protected] . We look forward to seeing you and teaming up with you to help end hunger in New Hanover County!

What is Cucalorus?

“Cucalorus is a non-competitive festival focused on supporting innovative artists and encouraging creative exchange. The festival is held each November 11-15 in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina with screenings of 150 films from around the world.” With Wilmington, NC having a very active film community, this event allows not only our community but others across the United States to have the opportunity to support the arts and/or showcase their material.

Some of you may feel that this is not for you. While you may think the concept is great, if you are not into film, you may wonder how you could really relate to any of this. Perhaps you like to watch movies and you appreciate the arts, but film and technique is completely out of your wheel house and/or interest. Great news! There are now more ways you can participate.

Starting in 2015, the event organizers took it a step further. The festival has added a segment called “Cucalorus Connect” which is more business oriented than film. There is a range of events to attend. Common themes have been entrepreneurial focused, innovation, company culture, and collaboration.

Both film and business are very important aspects of our community. What if we added the creativity from film and the business oriented minds together? What do we get? The answer is, a great opportunity for collaboration.

I started with “Spreading Innovation and Port City Pitch”.   The keynote speaker was Joan Siefrert Rose, the President/CEO of The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). She presented the audience with three companies that work with CED that had been successful. It was interesting to hear how each of the three companies got to where they are: Phononic, bioMASON, and Spoonflower. Although each were in very different industries, they all have one common thread. They have entrepreneurial spirit and the creative mindset.

Later in the day, I attended “Tellin’ it like TED #1” where we heard from some business owners in the community, Stephanie Lanier (Lanier Property Group) and Jordan Watson (National Speed). Stephanie spoke on company culture and what she has done within her business to improve on this. Jordan spoke on being an entrepreneur and following his vision. Both offered interesting and helpful insights to business.

I am attending additional events, but wanted to get this out there so that the community would be more informed about what Cucalorus is. You can visit the website to see the remaining events at: http://www.cucalorus.org/

December 6th, 2011
6:00 – 7:30 PM
 WHQR Gallery (third floor), 254 N Front St., Wilmington, NC 28401

Learn how to get a 25% tax credit this year by investing in local businesses!

Join CFEDC for a discussion on the role that tax credits play in economic development in our area. Adam Shay, a CPA with areas of expertise in taxation and small business operations and CFEDC board member, will lead a discussion covering:

What role do tax credits play in economic development?

An overview of tax credits relevant to our local community for: 

  • Green Building
  • Historic Building Restoration
  • The Film Industry
  • Small Business Investments

How are other localities innovating with their local tax credits? 
 This event is free and open to the public, and as always refreshments will be served.

When: Nov 30, 6-7:30 PM
Where: WHQR Gallery, 254 N Front Street, Wilmington NC 28401
Cost: Free – just show up!
About the event:
Join CFEDC as international, national and regional experts on financing a small start-up participate in a panel discussion and reveal creative ideas for getting a new business off the ground or financing the continued growth of a going concern.  What topic could be more timely in the midst of the present commercial credit cruch?  Panelists include:
– Fran Scalett, Regional Director of the SBTDC:
The SBTDC specializes in helping businesses identify and prepare for traditional bank loans, SBA-guaranteed loans, Federal R&D and commercialization funding, equity capital investment and International export financing.  The SBTDC helps business owners identify funding sources and increase the quality of our applications and proposals.  
– Clay Brown, President of Commercial Finance at CB3 Capital Funding: 
CB3 is a nationally recognized leader in commercial finance, offering help with Commercial Real Estate Loans, Equipment Leasing, Sale Leasebacks, Heavy Equipment Leasing, Heavy Equipment Financing, Medical Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing, Factoring, Bridge and Hard Money Loans, SBA Financing, Business Acquisition Financing, Hotel Financing, Stock Loans, Portfolio Liquidations, Private Equity, Joint Ventures and more.  They work with small, medium, and large size businesses.
– Nancy Najarian, NAJ Enterprises, LLP:
Nancy Najarian has 20-plus years experience identifying opportunities with the US Government for grants, loans, and loan guarantees. NAJ's focus is on funding to support the start up or growth of green-related businesses and non-profits. Ms. Najarian is a successful grant writer, and government contractor and has assisted clients with responding to requests for proposal, applying for GSA and other contracts.  She has also helped identify international funding opportunities for green and renewable energy organizations.
This won't be the same old panel telling the audience why they don't have anything to offer most businesses – especially start-ups!  We're bringing some creative minds to bear on this timely topic.
About CFEDC:
The Cape Fear Economic Development Council (CFEDC) represents a vision for the future economic development of the Cape Fear region that is sustainable and builds on existing strengths of the region. We recognize that sheer ‘quality of place’ is the lynchpin of the region’s future.  We recognize the importance of fostering cultural diversity and equality, a thriving arts community and a competitive primary education system to achieving our economic goals.  CFEDC is inclusive, culturally sensitive, yet progressive. We acknowledge that the industrial, economic and cultural past of the Cape Fear region is a valuable part of our heritage with many high points to celebrate. We honor the region’s heritage by moving it toward a prosperous future in the new economy.

I am pleased to announce that I will be serving as a tax expert and accountant expert at the Wilmington NC Green Living Expo.  The expo is Weds 10/13 @ the Hilton Riverside in Wilmington NC.  Class descriptions:

9:20PM – 10:40PM

Are you thinking about installing a solar hot water heater on your existing home? Considering a Photovoltaic system? Learn about the available state and federal tax credits that make renewable energy and energy efficiency features more affordable for homeowners.

Adam Shay is the owner of the Shay Group LLC, a Wilmington tax and accounting company. Adam earned a Bachelors of Business Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Target Audience:

10:40AM – 12PM

Want to create instant value for your customer and your business? Learn how to utilize available tax credits and incentives to your best advantage. This class will present a detailed look at available state and federal energy tax incentives, giving green building professionals the knowledge they need to make informed project decisions, calculate return on investment (ROI) and communicate effectively with clients about the benefits of tax credits. The session also will cover expiration dates and common mistakes to avoid.

Adam Shay is the owner of the Shay Group LLC, a Wilmington tax and accounting company. Adam earned a Bachelors of Business Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Target Audience:
architects, builders, developers, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, engineers

I will be serving as one of the accounting and tax experts at the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center Entrepreneurial Speed Dating Event on August 26, 2010.  I am excited to have been chosen to serve in this capacity and look forward to chatting with many of the entrepreneurs in the Wilmington, NC area that may have tax or accounting questions.  I believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the key to job creation and the success of the Cape Fear Region and continue to support the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center.