We are excited to welcome Meridith Rosborough to our team today. She joins us from another local CPA firm. She is currently in the process of taking the CPA exam. We look forward to introducing you to her!  Meridith adds capacity to allow us to develop deeper relationships with our new and existing clients.

I have spent a good amount of time this summer working through a B Corporation assessment.  Such an assessment scores a copy on, among other things, its commitment to its community and the environment.  In short, attempting to have a positive impact on society rather than a blunder and pillage approach that a lot of businesses take.   Some people may be surprised that a CPA would take that approach.

It is important to me to be as transparent as possible with the business and to have outside parties hold me accountable.  This is part of the reason I was interested in becoming a certified B Corporation as well as a 1% For the Planet Member.    The bigger reason was to lead by example and to show others that it can be done differently and done the right way.  I think the B Corporation slogan of “The Change We Seek”™ says it all.  Won’t you join me?

You may have seen the news that Amazon.com is currently battling many state department of revenues as to whether or not they have to collect sales tax on sales in those states.  The hot battle of the moment appears to be in California.  Amazon is evening pushing for the issue to be placed on the ballot for the next California elections.  What is the battle over, you might ask?  Obviously, money.  Amazon does not want to have to collect the sales tax because it destroys some of their price advantage over brick and mortar retailers.  The states want their fair share of tax revenues.  Did you know that most states require you to pay sales tax on online purchases if you did not do so through the merchant?  If everyone were in compliance with that this would be a moot issue.  Obviously, everyone is not in compliance.  If you would like to learn about how to get into compliance or have any questions, feel free to contact your Wilmington, NC CPA.

The most recent edition of the Wilmington Business Journal listed the experts for the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center's Entrepreneurial Speed Dating event.  I was listed as one of the tax and accounting experts.  I think there will also be other accountants as well as other professionals.  Stop by and see one of us and ask your questions.

I will be serving as one of the accounting and tax experts at the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center Entrepreneurial Speed Dating Event on August 26, 2010.  I am excited to have been chosen to serve in this capacity and look forward to chatting with many of the entrepreneurs in the Wilmington, NC area that may have tax or accounting questions.  I believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the key to job creation and the success of the Cape Fear Region and continue to support the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center.