We have seen a lot of innovation since the internet boom in the 90's.  In fact, it really has not every stopped.  In the innovation age, even when something is working you also need to explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches.  Otherwise, you might miss the boat and other people will pass you by.  You can view change in one of two ways:

1) a drag because you are always having to learn new things and change the way you are doing things.

2) an opportunity because you adapt change and technology faster than others.

What prompted this post?  Yesterday, I created some Facebook ads.  Will it work for my business?  Who knows?  However, it is worth a try.  I can guarantee you that the 70 year-old CPA or tax accountant down the street is not giving it a  try.  I need to use it to my advantage.  I also posted Google reviews of several businesses yesterday.  I need to start doing this more for businesses that either impress me or disappoint me.  It will help others know, as well as affect the search engine results of those businesses (which impacts them moving forward).  I need to do a better job of encourage my clients to do so.

Most people don't associate innovation and technology with an accountant, but I am working at it.  I recently implemented dual monitors so that I have to print less paperwork.  I have also set up a client portal to make sharing files more convenient and to again decrease the amount of paper work that needs to be printed.  I am continually working and investigating new options that will make my business stronger and life easier for my clients.  There is a group of CPAs and accountants working and investing in the next technology products for the industry.  It will make life better for everyone.