I hear it a lot- there are business owners and there are entrepreneurs.  The difference I  hear is that business owners are self-employed while entrepreneurs are innovating, growing, and changing the way that people are doing things.  I don't agree with these differences or that people in certain industries cannot be entrepreneurs.  Instead of being entrepreneurs, certain people say they're just good doctors, dentists, lawyers, or accountants.

However, I have often heard others ask "Do you have a business or a job?"  I agree that on this end there is a definite distinction.   A business owner that has a job does all the work themselves and has no strategy for the business.  A business has or is working towards something bigger than the owner and the owner can take time off from the business and still have it function.  I recently finally reading a book  that has been on my to read list for a long time- The E-Mythby Michael Gerber.  I didn't find this book to be too earth shattering since it is 30 years old.  May of his ideas have been disseminated to me from so many different thought leaders.  However, it still was a good read to challenge myself and to extend the challenge to each business owner out there to make sure that you are working on the right things.  I'd recommend that if you have not that you check it out.  At a minimum, you will refresh yourself on some good ideas  to work at with your business so that you don't become a slave to it or have your business become a job.