Fall Extension Deadlines

For taxpayers that extended their returns, the fall extension deadlines are rapidly approaching. If you have an extension filed for your S-Corporation, Partnership, Estate, or Trust tax return the deadline is September 15. If you have an extension filed for your personal tax return, the deadline is October 15.

It’s important to get your tax preparer the necessary information to complete the return. Keep in mind, most firms have an internal deadline where they will need your information¬† a certain amount of days prior to the actual deadline to ensure a timely filing.

At our firm, we request that our clients have their information to us one month before the actual deadline. To understand why we need that much time, it’s important to know there is a formal process (intake, scanning originals, tax preparation, review, completion). Once we have all of your documents, we try to stick to a two week turnaround time. This process could be more or less depending on where we are in the filing season.

Deadlines should not be ignored. There are penalties assessed if you do not file.

If you have questions regarding filing deadlines, feel free to let us know.