How to Make Individual Estimated Income Tax Payments

If you need to make a quarterly estimated income tax payment, you have several options to pay.  Note that these payments are due April 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and January 15th.


Your first option to pay is by mailing a check with payment vouchers.  If we had an in-person completion meeting with you, we provided printed vouchers to you at that time.  The vouchers are also available on your Sharefile as a separate PDF file.  You write the check and mail it in with the voucher.  The vouchers typically also list helpful information for who to make the check payable to, where to mail it, and important information to include on your check.  We advise sending certified return receipt.


You may also pay your taxes online.  Here are step by step instructions for making federal and NC individual estimated income tax payments online:



Go to

  1. Click Make a Payment.
  2. Reason for payment -> Estimated Tax
  3. Apply payment to -> 1040
  4. Tax Period for Payment -> Select year you are making the payment for.
  5. Click continue and input data to verify your identity. You will need a prior year return for this step. If we prepared your return, it’s available on Sharefile.
  6. Continue following prompts until you receive confirmation. Be sure to save or print the confirmation page.



Go to

  1. Fill in your contact info and click next.
  2. Select Calendar Year – it will auto select most current year.
  3. Fill in all information and click next.
  4. Select payment method.
  5. Input payment information, payment amount and date you would like it to draft.
  6. Click next. Be sure to save or print the confirmation page.