Incorrect NC DOR Non-Filing Notices

We have had a handful of clients receive letters from the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) for tax year 2010 stating that their tax return had not been filed for that year. In most of the cases, the return was filed and we simply needed to send in a copy of the previously filed form.

When you receive notices from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or North Carolina Department of Revenue (or any other state tax department), it is very important to understand what they are asking for and provide them with such.

There have been scenarios in which the agencies have incorrectly assessed tax liability and/or suggested that tax forms had not been filed when they had been. If you do not understand what the letter means, be sure to ask. Many times, these notices will have “due dates”. In regards to these types of notices, the worst action that you can take is no action at all. If the notice is correct, penalties and interest could be assessed in addition to the tax liability. This could all be avoided if you handle them as soon as you receive them.

We prefer that our clients provide us with any Internal Revenue Service or Department of Revenue correspondence as soon as they receive it. Even if it is as simple as providing the previously filed forms, we like to have copies of all correspondence on file. If you have received one of these notices and need assistance, please contact us.