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Individual Tax Planning

Like to keep money in your pocket? You may not realize it, but individual tax planning is a proactive yet oft-overlooked savings strategy that may also limit your odds of making costly mistakes.

By using our tax planning tools and proven methods, Adam Shay CPA, PLLC can provide you with year-round guidance on how to minimize your tax obligations and maximize opportunities to save money. Dollars you spend on tax planning can often provide a significant return-on-investment, or ROI, in the form of tax savings.

We can also prepare tax projections and determine what you will likely owe and develop a gameplan for approaching any balance due. Come tax time, this helps reduce the odds you’ll be caught off-guard by underpayments, plus it affords a chance to save or make up for any possible, projected shortfall. Considering tax laws do change, planning is one of your best defenses against “surprises.”

  1. Starting the individual tax planning process is straightforward and risk-free:You meet with us face to face or virtually for an initial question-and-consultation session.
  2. We provide a summary of potential savings.
  3. If you engage our planning services, we take the reins and move forward with the planning, providing more details around how to optimize your tax situation and minimize your taxes.

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Individual Tax Preparation

Even if your tax return is fairly easy, you’d probably rather spend your precious time in another way. Go play, work or simply relax while our professional tax preparers handle it for you.

In analyzing prior returns of new clients, we’ve often found that a good number of self-prepared returns contain mistakes or fail to take legitimate deductions. No doubt, it requires experience, skill and continuing education to know the best ways to minimize your taxes on these forms.

In particular, if your taxes are a bit more complex (e.g., in the case of acquiring property, gifts of inheritance, or other succession factors), having us help with tax preparation is like hiring a qualified mechanic do routine car maintenance. For your financial safety and peace of mind, choosing the right professional tax preparer to complete your tax returns is simply smart. You’ll sleep more soundly, plus you may be able to keep more dollars in your pocket if we spot overlooked tax deductions or prevent mistakes.

While you bear the responsibility for your individual tax return, we stand behind our work. With years of experience, we can handle all individual tax returns, from the simplest to the most complex.

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