IRS IP PIN (Identity Protection Pins)

What is an IP PIN?

IP PINs are designed to prevent an individual from filing a fraudulent tax return by using someone else’s social security number. It is a six digit number that is entered with the tax return and is required for filing for eligible individuals. If the IP PIN is not entered and the return is electronically filed, it will be automatically rejected by the IRS. Paper filed returns are manually checked for this IP PIN and will be returned if the submission does not include it.

Why Would I Receive an IP PIN?

• Individuals that were a victim of identity theft and the IRS has resolved the case.
• Individuals that receive an IRS letter inviting you to “opt-in” to get an IP PIN.
• Individuals that file a federal tax return last year as a resident of Florida, Georgia, or the District of Columbia. These individuals would have to apply for an IP PIN and would not receive a letter automatically.

IP PINs letter were mailed this week for 2015 individual tax returns. We were notified that these IRS letters included an error that says the IP PINs are for the 2014 tax return when in fact, they are to be used for the 2015 tax returns. The most important thing to do is to provide these to your tax professional when received. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding your IP PIN.