IRS Telephone Scam

IRS telephone scams are very prevalent this year.  The phone call or voicemail you receive can be scary: “You owe X amount of dollars, and we need payment now” or “we are going to sue/arrest you for the money that is owed.”  If you have received or do receive this phone call in the future, first off know that everything is OK.  You are the victim of a scam.

So, what do you need to do if you have received this message?  Really, nothing.  You definitely can call your tax preparer to confirm that you are in good standing with the IRS, if you are not already sure.  You can always call your tax preparer for moral support and assurance, too.

Rest assured that this is not going to be the first method of contact from the IRS.  You will always receive a notice in the mail from the IRS if there is an issue with your tax return, or if you owe money.  In fact, you will probably receive a few notices.  If you do receive a phone call from the IRS, they will never demand that you give them bank account information, and they will not threaten to sue you.  They will discuss what the next actions on their end will be: it could be a levy of your bank account or wage garnishment.  The IRS could discuss setting up a payment plan with you.  If you do receive a phone call, do not give your social security number over the phone, ever.   They should already have this information.

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