This may be a little bit of an unusual topic for a CPA firm as they typically aren't known for their management or leadership skills.  However, we are not the typical CPA firm.  Many people make the incorrect assumption that management and leadership are one and the same.  While leaders can manage and managers can lead, that is where I view the overlap.  In most cases, a leader is someone very different than a manager.  What is the difference?  A leader sets a vision and inspires people to achieve and end result.  Simon Sinek has a great Ted Talk on how great leaders inspire action.  You definitely should take the 15-20 minutes to watch it if you have not already.  Leaders are not necessarily good managers- they may in fact be horrible managers- but they can have inspired managers in place to help them lead their team. 

Managers make sure a team stays on track, deadlines are met, etc.  They keep the ship on the track that the leader has set.  I tend to view myself as more a leader than a manager even thought I currently have to manage people.  That's OK as I recognize the need to work towards a more formal management structure and to put the right people in place.  We all faces challenges, but becoming educated and working towards the right end result is what matters.