Things have been really busy lately- lots going on in the business and the fall typically picks up as extension deadlines approach.  Life has also been real busy with the young family.  Would it be easy to use a lack of time as an excuse to miss events that while not pressing, might be important to me?  Certainly so.  Yesterday I drove to Southport to meet with a friend and pick his brain on a new industry niche that I am looking at.  Tonight, I am driving to and from Raleigh for an NC B Corp meeting and to network with other Impact-Driven Companies.  Do I truly have time for all the travel time or meetings?  Probably not.  However, they will inspire me and leave me feeling, hopefully, more recharged.  I'll just have to be more focused during the rest of the hours during the week.  On the drive to Raleigh I'll either be on the phone or listening to the Accidental Creative on  Don't let time or your business manage you- manage your time and/or business.  You need to make time for yourself and what is important to you, regardless of what life is currently throwing at you.