NC Brewery CPA

NC Brewery CPA

“As a small business owner, I have to ensure we get the maximum value out of every dollar spent, and I believe our switch to Adam Shay CPA PLLC was one of the most value-added decisions I could have made. Prior to enlisting their services, we constantly struggled with late fees, misfilings, and overall confusion due to lack of understanding of the brewing industry. With Adam Shay CPA PLLC already having multiple satisfied customers in the industry, it increased the efficiency and accuracy of our accounting by leaps and bounds. Their staff communicate well and often, work with us to provide sound guidance for future decision-making, and have quickly earned our trust as professionals. I would highly recommend a brewery, or a business in any industry for that matter, to consider Adam Shay CPA PLLC for all of their accounting and bookkeeping needs.”

~ Ryan Roberts, R & R Brewing


“They provide very useful industry information for us to leverage and use for bench marking. Chris is always willing to help us with issue spotting and issue resolution.”

~Lenny Jordan, Pitt Street Brewing Company


What We Do

We provide a proactive approach to taxes and financial management. We utilize technology and fixed price agreements to partner with our brewery clients. We focus on being insightful, proactive, and highly communicative to establish and maintain successful relationships with our brewery clients.


Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is the necessary evil that most people think of when they think of taxes. We make sure that your tax returns are done correctly, on time, and that you have taken advantage of every possible deduction. We can prepare and file excise tax returns, sales tax returns, and income tax returns for your brewery business.

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Income Tax Planning

Income tax planning provides a proactive approach to income taxes. Once 12/31 hits there are minimal actions you can take to influence your income tax returns. Taking a proactive approach to your income taxes provides synergies to your business including:

  • Matching income tax liabilities with the year the income is earned. This assists with budgeting and cash flow projections.
  • Paying your income taxes out of the profits that are being taxed. If you pay income taxes with your tax returns then you are paying prior year taxes with current year profits. This is a bad model to operate under.
  • Identifying strategic, tax-efficient opportunities to avoid paying more income tax than you should. Depending on your situation, this may mean deferring income and accelerating expenses or vice versa.
  • In the broader scheme, you can look ahead to an ultimate exit plan and the steps it takes to exit the way you want and on your own terms.

We have a proven track record of transitioning businesses from viewing tax returns as a once-a-year event to implementing a process to constantly monitor and affect income tax outcomes.

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Most business owners don’t have the time, desire, nor skill to manage all the financial nuances of their business. This is especially true for bookkeeping. Let us take the bookkeeping onus off your plate so that you can focus on growing your brewery and have accurate financial statements to make better, faster decisions.

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