As of January 26th, 2012, airlines will be required to disclose all of the required taxes and fees, and any other charges when listing airfares. This new law is a part of the Department of Transportation’s new policy to increase transparency for consumers, and to provide them with a better estimate of their final payments. The rule not only applies to airlines and their websites, but also to booking sites such as Expedia and Orbitz, making it easier for passengers to compare prices.

In addition to the required disclosing of taxes and fees, the new rule will also implement the following changes:

  • Any baggage fees not included in the airfares must be disclosed.
  • Once the customer has purchased a ticket, the airline cannot raise the price of the purchased ticket.
  • If there will be a 30 minute or more delay, the airline must notify the passengers.
  • Passengers can hold a reservation up to 24 hours without additional charge.
  • Passengers can cancel or change a reservation within 24 hours without penalty.