National Nurses United has announced that on Friday May 18, thousands of nurses from across the country will join together and hold a large march and rally to greet the G-8 summit of world leaders in Chicago. These nurses will also be joined by healthcare, labor and other community activists.

NNU has organized this event in hopes of convincing world leaders to adopt a financial transaction tax (FIT) on major trading by banks and other financial institutions to raise revenue need for revitalizing the economic health of the U.S and other G-8 nations.

The G-8 (Group of Eight) is a group of eight highly industrialized nations consisting of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, U.S, Canada, and Russia. The group holds a yearly meeting, the G-8 Summit, to discuss issues such as economic growth and crisis management, security, energy and terrorism on a global level.

In the past, NNU has sponsored large actions calling on Congress to adopt the FIT tax on Wall Street that the organization says could raise about $350 billion every year, and be sued to create jobs and fund healthcare, education, and housing.

Similarly, international labor, environmental, anti-poverty, and other non-governmental organizations have increased pressure on global leaders to adopt FIT. It seems that Europe is progressing towards the adopting of this tax as the French president and cabinet have proposed on enacting a national FIT within a few months.

The nurses at NNU believe that the FIT on Wall Street is a fair and effective way to raise funds for the nation and a good strategy to boost the economy.