We believe it is important that you work with people who believe what we believe.  You'll notice on our web site that we have a Core Values page.  We worked through defining our core values last summer.  These values let current and prospective customers know what we believe.  A lot of people that we meet with tell us that they really think it's cool that we spell them out on our web site.  Part of our emphasis on finding people who believe what we believe comes from Simon Sinek's Ted Talk.  His concept is so simple- people don't buy what you sell but buy why you do it.  Central to why you do what you do is a company's core values.
As you look at our core values, we'll cover why each one is important to us.
1.       Transparency.  We believe that without transparency there is too much of a chance for conflicts of interest and misunderstanding. Given our level of partnership with our customers, we don't want to have either of those.
2.       Embrace and Drive Change.  We live in a changing world and don't think that we should try and fight that.  Instead, we should be leaders in utilizing new tools and approaches to make our lives better.  It's all about smart innovation.
3.       Be Humble.  We know that we are good at what we do but there is nothing more annoying than the person in the room that tells everyone they are the best or thinks that they are superior to others.  We've also seen egos be the downfall of many smart people.
4.       Integrity.  It's all about telling the truth, doing the right thing, and being honest.  Enough said.
5.       Caring.  We really care about everyone and our community.  It's in our DNA.  Not everyone in the world may be caring, but we want the people we work with to be so.
6.       Team Centered.  A team is stronger than an individual.  People see things in different ways and can have real complimentary skill sets.
7.       Passion.  While we may not always show it as an emotion that you would say a passionate person exemplifies (we are reserved accountants after all), life is too short to focus on things that we aren't passionate about.  If someone is not passionate about what they do they will not give their 110%.  We expect that 110%.
8.       Responsible.  Our parents taught us responsibility and we think it is important.  We don't blow things off just because we can.
9.       Proactive.  We want to look at new ways to improve things as well as ways to control our future.  We hate waiting for things to happen to us.
10.   Quality.  We're only as good as the work we do.  It better be quality.