Everyone knows that you shouldn't procrastinate something but most of us still do. It is human nature, most likely since the beginning of time. Avoiding a problem or challenging tasks doesn't make it any easier- in most cases it makes it more difficult. If you want there can always be an excuse to use. This was the year you were supposed to get more organized. Why say that again next year? Take that step and be proactive and know where you stand.

Part of my reason for writing this short newsletter is that we are less than 4 weeks from the conclusion of tax season- 4/18/11. I know that there will be people looking for help that last week as they have painted themselves into that corner. The same people do it every year and end up in the same predicament. They say that next year will be different. The time to make the change is today and not to keep talking about how things will be different in the future. This isn't just about how you deal with your taxes but life in general.