Everyone knows that overconsumption of sugar can lead to severe health problems, but now, some researchers are suggesting that sugar can be as harmful as alcohol and tobacco and should be regulated by putting a tax on it.

Sugar affects your blood pressure, metabolism and liver just like alcohol. It can also suppress the hormones in our bodies that let us know we have eaten enough, leading to overeating and craving even more sugar.

The average American today consumes about 43,800 more calories from sugar than in 1977. Sugar has also related to the 35 million deaths that occur worldwide each year from diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Advocates of the sugar tax claim that value-added taxes and sales taxes on alcohol and tobacco discourage people from consuming these products, and the same could be done to reduce sales of products with high sugar volume. While opponents say that sugar is not a toxin and should not be taxed along alcohol and tobacco.

So while the government could raise a lot of revenue and awareness from the sugar tax, it is easy to say that the general public’s reaction to such tax would not be sugar coated.