This may seem to be a little bit unusual of a topic for a CPA to cover but running a business right and with the proper service is so important to me.  It should be to every business owner and organization as well.  Recently, I have had two experiences where organizations have used social media to promote their events but didn't necessarily treat people fairly.  I don't know that they would have done the same if social media was involved.  I think one of the downsides of online posts and information sharing is that it is so easy to quickly change the information that is out there.

In one instance, the organizations was running a Twitter contest to attend their event for free.  The contest was set to end on a given day and time at the end of the week.  The following Monday they extended the contest deadline.  You can't just change the deadline, even if it is easy to do so online.  You have to stand behind your rules and guidelines you set at the beginning regardless of whether it is an online contest or not.   The organization did not notify the winner until less than 24 hours before the event and contacted multiple applicants to see if they could still attend.  Do you think that got people's hopes up?

In another instance, a Tedx event had an application deadline set.  Apparently, they did not receive enough applicants and have extended the deadline.  That is fine and all, but if you are short on applicants you need to accept the ones that took the time to apply on time.  I'll get off my soap box and admit that I may be crying a little over spilled milk.  What are your thoughts and/or what have you seen on how organizations misstep in their use of social media?