Entrepreneurs are always balancing a variety of factors that take their time.  Until you have your business dialed in, there is never enough time to go around.  Part of that is because early stage entrepreneurs are doing everything and anything to manage their cash flows.  They think that need every possible piece of business from every lead that comes through the door.  They also feel like they have to be everywhere, all the time.  The same could be said for lots of individuals that are not business owners.

I'd like to challenge the notion that we have to be everywhere all the time, doing everything at the control of everyone else.  While I don't have it mastered nor do I have enough time in the day, I have taken step 1 which is acknowledging that there is a problem.  The solution to the problem is pruning.  Pruning in your life, much like the connotation you would have from gardening or yard work, is to cut back on items in your life so that other parts of it can blossom.  It may seem contradictory to tell some prospective customers no or to even let go some of your current clients but it will leave you better off in the long-run.  You may also feel like you can't say no to reading every blog that you currently follow, volunteer obligations, and social obligations.  Family obligations wouldn't seem like something that you want to prune but if your family is overextended in obligations you may want to look at that as well.  Once you do so, you'll find that many new doors open.  It may be a leap of faith, but it is well worth taking.  Life is too short to be going through the motions that you do not enjoy or receive maximum benefit from.