Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Being a business owner is rewarding but often tough. You wear a lot of different hats—and yet you may not enjoy wearing the “financial officer” hat.

Know you’re not alone. We’ve found that most business owners would prefer to spend their time leading and building their businesses rather than managing the financials of it. What they need is a Certified Financial Officer (CFO), yet many may not have the resources or immediate ability to hire their own.

If this sounds like you, know that at Adam Shay CPA, PLLC we are here to help. Thanks to our Virtual CFO services, we can help you oversee the financial aspects of your business, everything from budgeting to reviews of financials, expense and ratio analysis, modeling, staff training, and even custom services, designed just for you. This is one on our innovative offerings—one we enjoy and in which we excel!

With our Virtual CFO services, we monitor the financial health of your business, marrying the financial and strategic moves and delivering greater transparency opportunities for improvement. We’re great at identifying key solutions that may enhance your capacity for success and then implementing them to ensure greater understanding and business results.

With a CFO on board, rest assured that your financial wellbeing is being monitored and you can expect accurate financial reporting. This reporting will help you in planning for the future success.

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