What is Cucalorus?

“Cucalorus is a non-competitive festival focused on supporting innovative artists and encouraging creative exchange. The festival is held each November 11-15 in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina with screenings of 150 films from around the world.” With Wilmington, NC having a very active film community, this event allows not only our community but others across the United States to have the opportunity to support the arts and/or showcase their material.

Some of you may feel that this is not for you. While you may think the concept is great, if you are not into film, you may wonder how you could really relate to any of this. Perhaps you like to watch movies and you appreciate the arts, but film and technique is completely out of your wheel house and/or interest. Great news! There are now more ways you can participate.

Starting in 2015, the event organizers took it a step further. The festival has added a segment called “Cucalorus Connect” which is more business oriented than film. There is a range of events to attend. Common themes have been entrepreneurial focused, innovation, company culture, and collaboration.

Both film and business are very important aspects of our community. What if we added the creativity from film and the business oriented minds together? What do we get? The answer is, a great opportunity for collaboration.

I started with “Spreading Innovation and Port City Pitch”.   The keynote speaker was Joan Siefrert Rose, the President/CEO of The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). She presented the audience with three companies that work with CED that had been successful. It was interesting to hear how each of the three companies got to where they are: Phononic, bioMASON, and Spoonflower. Although each were in very different industries, they all have one common thread. They have entrepreneurial spirit and the creative mindset.

Later in the day, I attended “Tellin’ it like TED #1” where we heard from some business owners in the community, Stephanie Lanier (Lanier Property Group) and Jordan Watson (National Speed). Stephanie spoke on company culture and what she has done within her business to improve on this. Jordan spoke on being an entrepreneur and following his vision. Both offered interesting and helpful insights to business.

I am attending additional events, but wanted to get this out there so that the community would be more informed about what Cucalorus is. You can visit the website to see the remaining events at: http://www.cucalorus.org/