As a CPA, people are always turning to me for advice as to how to run their business more effectively or to manage their personal finances better.  Every once and a while, I notice life getting too hectic and realize that in keeping up with the demands of the business and life that I have lost sight of the bigger picture items in my life.  How do I notice that happening?  Typically, it is when you realize you should have a thoughtless process in place for something or when I start to miss or procrastinate items outside of my client deadlines. 

What is the solution?  I believe it is to avoid getting caught up frantic pace of the details that cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture.  Another solution is to delegate more and/or to bring in experts to help you.  My family has been using for about a year now and it has been a blessing for the management of our family finances.  Like anything else, I recommend using these experiences to learn and to improve processes moving forward.